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EARN $140 - $350 in 15 minutes
Without Quitting Your Job or Learning to Prepare Taxes
What’s So Great About
A Happy Tax Franchise Anyway?
1. Your community needs you!

Happy Tax provides a better service by working only with CPAs who know the tax code and search for tax savings wherever they can be found. It's a far cry from the subpar service folks have been getting at the local retail tax prep places.

2. It’s EASY to get started.

Super easy. You can possibly get started for as low as one month's rent payment, depending on your investment option. Find out more by inquiring above.

3. We’ve got your back.

With a fully functioning audit department, a team of licensed CPAs and a full suite of marketing materials and support, we’ve got everything you need to launch and grow your business. Our job is to help you succeed.

4. You don’t have to quit your day job.

You can start in your spare time and grow the business as slowly or as quickly as you want. You don’t need to make a big leap or do anything that feels risky with your income.

5. You don’t have to know anything about filing taxes.

If you already have this knowledge in could be helpful, but it’s not necessary. We’ll teach you everything you need to know to work the business and please your clients.

6. Be a part of the revolution.

We’re changing the way taxes are done. We believe in concierge level service, expert CPA tax preparation and transparent pricing. Your clients will love it!

7. Isn’t it time that you did something different … something BIG for your future? 

A Happy Tax Franchise can help you reach financial dreams that you’ve written off as impossible. Take those dreams out and dust them off, it’s time to make it happen!

To find out how you can become a Happy Tax Franchisee, join us for a FREE Discovery Webinar. If after the webinar you’re excited to become a Franchisee, you’ll be able to schedule a call with one of our executives to get started.
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