May 15, 2015

3 Effective Strategies for building relationships with prospective customers

Happy Memorial Day to everyone. I hope you are having a relaxing day and honoring those who protect our freedom. In last weeks session, we spoke about relationship building with existing clients, but what if you don’t have any clients yet and are looking to build your business from scratch? We’ll talk about 3 amazing strategies for building relationships with prospective clients this week.

The 1st strategy is to just say hello with a smile to everyone you see. Store Clerks, Salespeople, neighbors, co-workers, people you walk by on the street. We all come into contact with dozens of people everyday and most times, never let any of them know we are in business and are there to help them. Give out your business card and tell people that if they need any help with a Tax Problem to give you a call, an email or a text. If they contact you, help them. It works and most of them that contact you will become clients.

Remember, everyone that you see each day is a potential customer. With that said let’s do some math. If you talk to 20 people per day about your business from now until January, you’ll talk to over 4,000 prospective customers. If you smile and are sincere, you’ll get many of them to give you their business.

The 2nd strategy is to attend networking events and meetings. Mostly every town and city across the country has some type of business networking event, meetup, chamber meeting or business social event. Attend as many of them as you can or at least 2 per month. You’ll meet people who may be able to help you in your business and just as importantly, contacts who can become and refer you clients.

The 3rd strategy mirrors the 2nd except that it is online. Join Facebook groups or message boards for niches that interest you and become the tax guy or girl on there. Even if you aren’t comfortable answering direct tax questions, you can be the source for information and getting the word out about your business. Focus in on groups that you can relate to either professions you were in or affinity groups that your family or friends are part of so you can have connections to it.

Last week, we announced our new program to give back to veterans across the country. The demand for information thus far has been exciting. If you missed the release, you can find out more at We are giving 20% off our franchise fee for all veterans and completely waiving the franchise fee for anyone who has served in a combat or war zone to thank them for their service.

Have a great evening and productive rest of the week. Let me know if I could help you in any way.

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