October 8, 2018

7 Simple Reasons to Become a Happy Tax Franchisee

When people are considering opening a franchise, they sometimes overlook the benefits of working in the tax planning and preparation industry. That’s because tax services can be a complicated business, and starting out as an entrepreneur or independent contractor can be difficult enough as it is. However, Happy Tax’s unique business structure allows for our franchisees to operate with low overhead and minimal fees. All this, plus franchisees require no specialized experience or knowledge in taxes. That’s because the in-house tax preparation experts and Certified Public Accountants at Happy Tax take care of the technical side of things while franchisees focus on the needs of the clients.

Happy Tax is the only tax franchise that offers a concierge, on-demand model for tax preparation services. Our company is based around our customers, and our franchisees make building relationships and acquiring new clients their top priorities. But if our customer-obsessed corporate culture isn’t enough of a reason to join the Happy Tax team, here are a few more:

        1. No Tax Experience Necessary

As mentioned above, Happy Tax franchisees require no special training to become a member of the team. Our unique business model optimizes each franchisee’s sales and customer acquisition potential, allowing them to focus exclusively on the customer. By focusing on each client’s individual needs rather than scouring over cumbersome tax regulations and complex forms, Happy Tax franchisees are better able to meet our exceptional customer service standards.

As a franchisee, your main goal is always to put the customer first. There’s no need to learn the ins and outs of the tax code or to spend endless hours working through tedious calculations. Instead, your time and skills are better spent meeting new people and finding out how to help them prepare for tax season this year.

      2. No Office or Employees Needed

Happy Tax franchisees get to focus on their customers rather than the more technical side of the tax preparation industry, but that’s not the only benefit. Our on-demand tax preparation services are available entirely online and by phone, meaning that there’s no need to rent an office, hire support staff, or deal with the everyday complexities of running a brick-and-mortar business.

Happy Tax franchisees focus on building client relationships, not the unnecessary time and expense of running an office. These activities are tedious, and they increase your operating overhead. As a franchisee, you’ll just have to bring in the customers. Our in-house team does the rest!

       3. Low-Cost, High Return Opportunity

Some people looking for new opportunities aren’t able to jump right into running a business full-time. People interested in joining the growing Happy Tax team with only a minimal investment can start off as an Independent Contractor for only $199. Or, if you’re ready to dive right in as a franchisee, your $20,000 startup fee could earn you a hefty return. That’s because this fee includes all of the hardware, software, and technology necessary to set up a Happy Tax branch of your own.

Franchisees keep their revenues, minus royalties and fees. And Happy Tax’s low commissions are among the leanest in the business, making sure our franchisees are properly incentivized to keep building their operations. In fact, our ongoing royalties are among the lowest in the industry, ranging from only 10 to 20 percent of fees from returns depending on volume.

      4. Done-For-You Marketing Solutions

Happy Tax provides franchisees with complete marketing support to help drive their business. We help our franchise owners stay on track though in-house marketing and media development. Our team of advertising and communications experts develop top-quality campaigns for digital and traditional media. As a local franchisee, this benefits you by bringing national attention to your growing business

Of course, Happy Tax franchisees are responsible for a good portion of their own advertising, and our investment packages specifically take that into account. And, with robust reporting requirements, Happy Tax helps ensure that all franchisees are on top of their game and properly equipped to bring in new clients.

      5. Year-Round Training & Business Support

The Happy Tax franchise mode includes opportunities for passionate individuals to become Area Representatives. These energetic and self-motivated business people coach Happy Tax franchisees in their areas. That way, every franchisee has a person to turn to for questions, concerns, or just some needed support. This one-on-one coaching is a substantial benefit for franchisees, particularly individuals just starting out.

Area Representatives do a lot for franchisees in their areas over the long term. Area Representatives help strengthen and optimize each franchisee’s businesses. With support provided by the team at Happy Tax corporate HQ, Area Representatives can help you meet your revenue goals each and every quarter.

       6. Scale Nationwide

The majority of franchises limit opportunities by geographic location. That’s because they don’t want new franchise owners to cannibalize each other’s business. However, with Happy Tax’s unique remote and on-demand business model, our franchisees aren’t limited by geographic territory. Instead, they are free to acquire as many customers as possible. After all, potential Happy Tax clients include every U.S. taxpayer, so there are plenty to go around!

Happy Tax franchisees have the potential to scale nationwide, tapping into potential networks they’ve developed over time. This is a substantial benefit over many franchise and sales positions, which often require owners to stay in a particular region. With Happy Tax’s nationwide scope, franchise owners are limited only by their own potential.

       7. Earn Income Year-Round

Happy Tax doesn’t just help people during tax season. Our team of accountants and tax planning experts keep busy year-round helping individuals and businesses minimize their tax exposure. By utilizing our tax planning expertise, taxpayers can save hundreds of dollars on their tax bill. In fact, Happy Tax’s new division, CryptoTaxPrep.com increased customer’s 2018 tax returns by an average of $983. That’s nearly a thousand dollars that American taxpayers now have at their disposal that Happy Tax helped them take back.

If you’re ready to become your own boss and want to enjoy the benefits of working from home, owning a Happy Tax franchise may be right for you. As a franchise owner, you’ll get the support you need and simplicity you can rely on to make your business a success. All that, plus you’re helping people save money on their tax bills. If you’re interested in joining the Happy Tax team, contact our franchise sales team today.

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