December 10, 2018

Building Your Business by Connecting with Customers

In today’s competitive market, the success of a business or franchise pivots on building strong relationships with clients and customers. This is especially true for franchise owners in service-based industries, like tax planning and preparation.

Happy Tax recognizes that a company’s value begins with the customer. We rely on our clients to come to us with their tax planning and preparation needs, and they rely on us to provide the top-quality service they deserve. That’s why Happy Tax has developed a franchise model that puts the customer first, encouraging franchise owners to build their business by connecting with customers.

Earning Client Trust

Consumers no longer feel the pressure to stay loyal to a company or brand just because that firm is well established, or because they have previously used its services. Today’s consumers are much more shrewd in this respect, and they don’t trust just anyone with their personal and financial information. This makes it increasingly important for business owners to be dynamic and responsive to the needs of the market as well.

The digital age allows customers to access an entirely new set of business interactions with companies who use technology in a way that improves the client experience. Happy Tax’s concierge-based customer service is the best in the industry, and we work hard to build trust with our clients. That way, they can attain the sense of security they need to become a loyal customer over the long-term.

Over time, consumers will share their experiences and interactions with a particular business. If a franchise or business does a good job of building client relationships and offers good service, this can actually be very good advertising. Peer-to-peer reviews posted on the internet can be very beneficial, but they aren’t the only way that franchise owners and other entrepreneurs can build their business. Rather, technology offers all sorts of new opportunities to increase customer access and bolster the overall client experience.

Harnessing Technology to Improve Customer Access

In many ways, the digital era has been both good and bad for companies and franchises. If used correctly, a strong online presence and digital communication infrastructure can help franchise owners build stronger relationships within their existing client base and attract new customers in need of tax services. In this way, the technological age can actually help companies promote their business and improve customer experience by facilitating good communication practices. However, any company that fails to harness the value of today’s communication technology is also failing to make the best possible use of the business development tools at its disposal.

Franchise and small business owners alike should shape their business strategies around building strong and lasting relationships with their customers and investors. In today’s market, this requires being available online, not just in a brick-and-mortar establishment. The digital age is upon us, and companies should no longer expect their client base to continue doing business with them if they don’t have a way to get in touch with them at their convenience.

Customers Move to Mobile

The digital marketplace has blossomed, and consumers are no longer limited by their locations when it comes to making a purchase or seeking out a service. When consumers feel undervalued by their local service provider, they are more likely to choose an option available online. Happy Tax recognizes that not everyone has access to the top-quality tax planning and preparation services they deserve, and that’s why it’s made its business mobile.

No matter what they may be looking for, clients can find it online. Happy Tax is leading the way in concierge-based tax planning and preparation services, and all of this is possible because we’ve harnessed the power of mobile technology. With just a quick phone call and a few minutes on our mobile app, any U.S. taxpayer can get the tax planning and preparation services they really need.  

Connecting With Customers is the Key to Success

Happy Tax knows that in order to be an effective company, it has to put its clients first, and our franchise owners do the same. They do this by using technology to facilitate a tried-and-true process known to help new businesses build their customer base. The first step is building a relationship with your client base, which means really getting to know your clients. A good business person knows the audience he or she is catering to and has the tools necessary to make sure their needs are met. Next, get to know your customers. That way, you can offer customized solutions tailored for their individual needs. This is a good way to keep clients loyal and facilitate good peer-to-peer reviews, which will in turn help attract more customers. After all, most clients will remember that you came through for them when they needed you, which makes them much more likely to suggest your services to their friends and colleagues.

Technology has made communication easier, and it’s easier than ever to get to know your clients on a more individual level. Communicating with them in a manner that is easy and convenient for them helps build positive relationships, which in turn helps you build a loyal customer base. By staying connected, business owners can instill a sense of trust in the clients they already have. Always keep in mind that satisfied clients are more likely to make referrals, so there’s no such thing as a small account. By connecting with all of its clients regularly, business can build the customer base they need to succeed.

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