September 15, 2017

Own A Business That’s Always in Demand!

Answer this, what’s the #1 problem for new business start-ups? Answer… DEMAND.

The time it takes to evaluate your business idea, who your customer is, and determine if the need is sufficient enough to create a long lasting business model is outrageous.

Yet, millions of entrepreneurs do this and fail because they simply miss the 19 billion dollar giant standing right in front of them.

Every American is legally required to submit a tax return.  For this reason, tax preparation is big business and remains recession resistant.  $19+ billion was generated in tax preparation revenue in 2017 – in roughly only 4 months!

Millions of hardworking people rely on professional tax preparers every year to make sure they get the biggest tax refund possible. As long as there’s an income tax in the U.S., you’ll have customers.

The Right Industry

An experienced independent tax professional can earn a minimum of $100 per hour – that’s $5,000 per week for a 50-hour week.  That’s right…in a 3-month tax season, you can earn $60,000!  And that’s not all.  As your business grows, through referrals and new clients, your future earnings potential is limitless!

Get ready to enjoy summers and holidays, because most of your business is generated during the concentrated tax season of mid-January through mid-April.  Or use the remainder of the year to offer more services to your tax clients, generating income year round.  You decide.

The Right Time

Each year, Congress changes the tax code, making tax filing more confusing and overwhelming to the majority of the taxpayers.  At the same time, the number of taxpayers continues to grow.  So does the need for qualified Tax Professionals.

U.S. economic challenges make it more important than ever for taxpayers to claim all of the credits and deductions to which they are entitled.  You can be the one to help them pay the least possible amount and get the biggest refund.  That’s right, help people in your own community get cash back.  Starting your own tax business will enable you to meet this growing demand while securing your own financial security and freedom.

Now for the fun part…

Technology advances have created some of the most memorable processes and companies alike. But technology has been far off in the tax industry for hundreds of years until Happy Tax.

Happy Tax developed my CEO Mario Costanz, took a stale industry and created a model that made tax preparation easy for filers but even more accessible for entrepreneurs and tax professionals to be able to start their own business without the need for an office, overhead, tax experience, or costly employees.

How it works.

  1. A Happy Tax representative (you) will meet your client anywhere, anytime to submit their Happy Tax questionnaire via the mobile app. You’ll also receive a unique mobile app link that you can share with anyone to submit their information themselves, and you get the credit! Here is a list of the most common meetups spots for our current representatives:
    • Coffee Shop
    • Video chat
    • Personal office
    • Clients home
    • Co-working space
  2. You’ll spend approximately 15 minutes walking them through the Happy Tax app, snapping a few photos of their W-2 & tax documents, then press submit and our expert team of CPA’s do the rest! With our built-in chat feature, expert advice is just a click away.
  3. You’ll be able to track each client's progress using your personalized and intuitive dashboard and chat directly with them inside the app.
  4. Get paid! You’ll receive a direct deposit on a weekly or bi-weekly time span of your choosing. It’s as easy as that…
  5. Unlimited growth! Every season you will grow your clientele, and because of word of mouth, it will start to grow itself. The demand will always be there, and tax preparation is the best opportunity for an entrepreneur to get started and find success.

So how can you join?

There are 3 opportunities to join Happy Tax and start growing your business today!

  1. Independent Contractor –– This is our lowest investment level. It includes all of our training and support. You will receive 30% of the fees for the tax returns that you source. This is a great way for people that are interested in joining the team, but may not be ready for the financial commitment of owning a franchise. Our goal is that in the future we can help you grow and transition into being a franchisee and/or Area Rep. Sign up is easy just go to to purchase your license and package and our operations team will contact you to get started.
    • Program Cost:
      • Marketing Package $299
      • Monthly Marketing Access $9
  2. Franchisee - Freedom Model –– Low start-up cost compared to competitors. Gives you access to our patent pending technology, our marketing, training, ongoing support and a fresh way to run a tax business. You source the clients; we do the taxes. You keep almost 65-75% of the revenue after royalties. This is a business that does not require you to have office space or hire employees, however, we can train you on how to recruit your own Independent Contractors so you can build a team as big as you want to, to source tax returns in your organization. We will handle the onboarding, as well as the training for them and help you manage them. Our CPAs take excellent care of the tax returns for your clients. You own your client book as a franchisee.
    • Franchise Fee $20,000
    • Ask about financing
    • Franchise Agreement 3 years – No fee for lifetime renewals
    • Royalty - 10-20% depending on volume
    • CPA prep fee– 15%
  3. Area Representative –– Highest level of ownership. You buy the right to a geographic territory, and you become our partner in the revenue.You receive 50% of the all of the franchise fees, royalties and tax prep fees generated in your area. Your responsibilities will be to help find and coach new franchisees. We still provide them with all the support, training and technology. Areas are custom created for your investment level. An area where the Population is 1,000,000 the cost would be $250,000. The Minimum size of an area has a population of 400,000, and the cost would be $100,000.
    • Area Representative
    • Priced off population- .25 cent
    • 10 Year financing available with 20% down
    • 50/50 split

Want to learn more about this exciting opportunity?

Happy Tax

The #1 tax filing solution that combines expert CPA tax preparation with a fast, easy, convenient, and secure mobile experience!
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