The best investment you could NOT have made, but now CAN!

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Dear Reader,
On May 16, 2016, the U.S. government opened up the most profitable investment opportunity of the 21st century.
These are the types of investments where you could have put down as little as $100
And made back 100 times your money on some of the fastest-growing companies in the world.
I’m talking about businesses like GoPro… where $100 turned into an estimated $133,000
Airbnb… where a $100 stake in 2009 is now worth $797,000
Uber… which turned $100 into $1.25 million over the past seven years…
And then there’s Twitter.
Where $100 would now be worth 5… million… dollars.
Every one of these was originally a private company. Every one, a “100Xer.”
Imagine for a second what your life would be like if you could have put $100 in Twitter…
Imagine you had been there, back in 2007, when founder Jack Dorsey first looked for private investors.
How would your life be different today if your $100 in Twitter had turned into a $5 million windfall?
Would you have moved to a nicer house? Quit your job? Traveled around the world?
Maybe all of them?
But here’s the problem…
Even if you had been 100% dead certain back in 2007 that Twitter would become the success story it is today…
The fact is, most people could NOT have invested in it.
You see, since 1934, SEC regulations have restricted private investing to those with more than $1 million in net worth, or those who make over $200,000 a year.
It’s been the walled-off playground of the mega-rich for the last 82 years.
For example, multimillionaire investor Peter Thiel collected $395 million in profits on Facebook in 2012… He’s made 2,000 times his money.
You couldn’t have gotten in on that deal.
No wonder a few years ago CNBC called these type of opportunities, “The best retirement investment you can NOT have.”
But since May 16, it’s now a whole new ballgame.
New rules now guarantee you the right to get in on many of the types of companies that are providing huge 100-fold returns.
All you need is a computer and, of course, some spare cash. But you don’t need much…
You can invest anywhere from as little as $100 to thousands of dollars.
How much can investing in private companies from the ground up net you?
Well, on the day eBay went public, early private investors made 162 times their money.
Some of the earliest investors in Google earned more than 1,500 times their money.
And when Facebook went public in 2012, a private investor who’d taken a stake back in 2005 made 2,000 times his money!
Granted, those are exceptional examples. And as always, no investment is guaranteed.
But here’s what most people don’t realize…
More than 145 companies have grown from tiny startups to companies with $1 billion-plus valuations in just the last four years.
The list even includes dozens of “boring” businesses like Houzz, HelloFresh and Stripe…
What’s more boring than browsing through home-decorating hardware… having hot meals delivered in time for dinner… or exchanging money online?
Yet these “boring” businesses shot up 970%, 939% and 1,624% respectively…
In an average of about five years.
That’s the power of the private opportunities opening up to you today.
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