What Is The Uber Of The Tax Industry?

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The peer-to-peer business model of Uber has a lot in common with the business model of a Happy Tax entrepreneur. It may not seem likely, but consider some of the aspects built in to each industry that is amazingly similar and the reason Uber drivers and Happy Tax franchisees enjoy success:


Uber uses a smartphone app making its service available to everyone everywhere. Everyone within a local community also needs easy access to a qualified professional who can prepare their income tax statements. For the average taxpayer, our nation’s complex tax code causes unease for many when it comes to filing their tax return. By having a neighborhood tax expert conveniently nearby or only a phone call or chat window away, Happy Tax franchises capitalize on the accessibility aspect of success, just like Uber.

Minimize Overhead

Instead of having to invest in an automobile to serve as a taxi, Uber drivers minimize their overhead by using their personal vehicles to provide transportation service to clients. In the business model of a Happy Tax franchise, investment is as minimal as the equivalent of one month’s rent. With superior training and a long history of success, entrepreneurs can quickly and affordably launch a new business venture and be confident in rapid growth and returns.


Everything about Uber’s business model is designed for simplicity. The same can be said for becoming a new Happy Tax franchisee. The goal is to help new franchisees succeed. Success within the Happy Tax franchise system is interdependent on one another. Not only do entrepreneurs make their own contributions with their client base, but Happy Tax provides the support and resources necessary for new business owners to move forward with confidence, assured that they have the skills and tools that will create the best opportunity for them to succeed.

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