September 1, 2015

Common Tax Industry Misconceptions

In this week's session, I’ll squash some common tax industry misconceptions. We’ve been talking to hundreds of people across the country about joining us as Happy Tax franchisees and I wanted to address some of the questions that come up regarding the tax industry as they are really good ones. Since our company is revolutionizing this stale old industry with common sense strategies based on our lengthy experience, we hear lots of feedback on our model from both those in the industry currently as well as people just exploring it. The overwhelming majority are excited and get it that our system is a better way. It just makes sense on every level. And that is why we are growing our number of franchisees each week. It is so exciting. And yet there are always naysayers. Mostly from those already in the industry who see what we are doing as a threat to the old way of doing things. Every revolution starts with people having differences of opinions on if it will work or not.  As our momentum continues, we are excited to prove them wrong. One of my favorite quotes is “The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do”. And this goes for us as well as our franchisees. And even anyone about to get started with a new endeavor or a new chapter in their life. There will always be those around you saying that you can’t. Well, I believe that you can.

Now onto those misconceptions. We provide our Happy Tax franchisees with 13 points of guided marketing on how to get customers and grow their business. A couple of them including reaching out to your personal networks of friends, family, and co-workers in different methods using our proven techniques. These techniques never pester anyone or would impact your relationships with these people in anyway. In fact, they are some of the same methods I used when I started out in this business 13 years ago and I have a much larger network of friends, family, and co-workers now than I did then. And I loved that I have helped so many people both with their taxes and improving their businesses. So the misconception is that people will not want to file their taxes with a friend. And it is a valid point. However, it is very far from the truth. People file tax returns with someone they trust. They only go to a stranger at a tax place when there isn’t someone around them that they know or have been referred to by someone they know. There may be a person that you know here or there who doesn’t want you to know how much income they and that is understandable. I’m not saying it will never happen. It does. However, it is much more the exception than the rule. And since our franchisees aren’t doing the tax preparation work itself, only gathering the data for our CPAs to prepare the return, there is even more comfort that your clients will feel secure with working with you as their provider. A concierge if you will accept that you’re keeping the majority of the revenue from each return.

Another common misconception is that people will not want to prepare taxes with someone that doesn’t have a physical office or storefront. What most people don’t know is that 50% of all tax business owners currently work out of their home. We actually had a study done by the Relevate Group to analyze all 300,000 tax businesses across the country and the data doesn’t lie. Only 50% of tax businesses operate out of a commercial space. So our model takes upon that and adds entrepreneurial smarts and technology to enable our franchisees to better leverage their time using our pre-done marketing, support, and CPAs to prepare the returns for them. In fact, our patent is pending on this technology and process. We don’t recommend you have your client come over. However, there are plenty of great places to meet with them and you’ll only need 15 minutes or so to get their information over to our CPA’s. Coffee shops, hotel lobbies, libraries, even at work as many of your clients may work at the same place. Or you’ll get the returns on events we’ll help you plan at large employers in your area. And there is so much more for us to show you once you become a franchisee. I’m looking forward to talking with you and helping you achieve your goals.

Have a wonderful and productive rest of the week and take care.

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