December 14, 2015

What To Expect When You Open A Tax Service Franchise

April is long past and most people are not thinking about their taxes. However, for interested entrepreneurs, this is the perfect time to think about a new venture, get trained and have a tax service franchise launched and ready to do business by the time the next tax season rolls around. You don't have to be a CPA to become or a tax preparer. Happy Tax gives you all of the tools to build your successful business year round.

For 2015 the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that, on average, the median wage for tax preparers was under$17 hourly. Top earners averaged almost $24 hourly. With Happy Tax, you can earn up to $300 in just 15 minutes with the revolution Happy Tax app process. No more wasting time filing the return for your customers, our CPA's do all the hard work for you, while you simply meet your client and walk them through our 15-minute app process.

But what about when tax season is over? Are the doors open on a tax service only four months out of the year? Offseason is the perfect time to get your own house in order. During the rush of preparing income tax returns during crunch time, housekeeping usually takes a back seat. Once everything in the office is clean and tidy, begin plans for the following season's marketing campaign. You want to remind your market of your presence. Next, enjoy learning from the Happy Tax executives and engaging in new trainings to help you build your business.

Offseason income can also be generated by filings for individuals who have missed a deadline or filed an extension. Bookkeeping and payroll services are easy add-on services to incorporate into a tax service franchise that can keep revenue flowing year round. The options are only limited to your own ingenuity.

For more information, contact the professionals at Happy Tax who have over 35 years of experience helping individuals grow strong businesses by serving the tax preparation needs of their local communities.

Happy Tax

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