November 15, 2018

Franchise Territory Restrictions Limit Business Opportunities

Many people are attracted to entrepreneurship because of all of the opportunities that a career in business ownership brings. Franchises are often an attractive option for budding entrepreneurs since they often help new business owners learn the ins-and-outs of running their own shop. However, some franchisors limit opportunities for their franchisees, such as by imposing strict territory restrictions on their franchise partners. Happy Tax is a great option for new entrepreneurs because it doesn’t impose these kinds of burdensome restrictions on its franchisees. Instead, Happy Tax offers all the benefits that come with being your own boss and working from home on your own time in addition to huge opportunities for professional success.

What’s a Franchise Territory?

Some franchise companies impose restrictions on where new franchisees can operate. This so-called “franchise territory” is meant to ensure that there is no undue competition within the same area. After all, if too many franchisees were competing for the same market, they may cannibalize the parent company’s total revenue by taking away from each others’ business. However, these restrictions can be unfairly burdensome on franchisees and, in many ways, they are completely unnecessary. That’s because restrictions on territory and market location can stifle franchise owners and distract them from serving their customers to their best abilities. And at Happy Tax, this is something we want to make sure to avoid.

Happy Tax - No Franchise Territory Restrictions

When buying into a franchise that imposes territory restrictions, franchisees are suddenly limited in their options. As much as they may want to explore new business ideas and strategies, their location is very limited. Franchisees bound by territory restrictions commonly complain that brand awareness and consumer convenience is limited in their areas, and branding is key when looking to increase sales yield and profit.

Limiting franchise territory limits the creativity of franchise-owning entrepreneurs, and Happy Tax values every aspect of our franchise partner’s enterprising minds. We don’t want our franchisees to feel limited in their abilities to innovate in ways to connect with new customers, so we don’t put any unnecessary restrictions on franchise operations. Happy Tax also keeps fees and compliance requirements low, so that every Happy Tax franchise partner can focus on growing their own business.  

Happy Tax believes that everything starts with the customer. Since our franchise partners are the ones connecting taxpayers to the valuable suite of Happy Tax services, they’re a critical part of our business operations and overall corporate culture. That’s why we give them the freedom to succeed rather than restrict where they are allowed to do business. To learn more about Happy Tax franchise opportunities, visit

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