October 23, 2018

Happy Tax Clients & Franchisees Can Rely on Licensed In-House Tax Professionals

Start talking about taxes at your next dinner party and watch your friends’ reactions. You’ll probably see a few eye rolls, and perhaps even hear a few exasperated sighs. That’s because few people find taxes interesting – that is, of course, with the exception of the passionate tax professionals who have joined Happy Tax’s in-house team of Certified Public Accountants (“CPAs”).

Everyone needs a tax professional sometimes. Even the most practiced self-preparer may find it difficult, or nearly impossible, to DIY their taxes in years where legal changes or personal financial situations make things challenging. But when people need help planning and preparing their taxes, where can they turn? Ask any Happy Tax franchisee, and they’ll tell you – try Happy Tax and smile, it’s time to file!.

Happy Tax Exceeds Industry Standards

The IRS lets anyone with an IRS Preparer Tax Identification Number (“PTIN”) prepare federal tax returns. But that’s not to say that every PTIN has the skills, education, and expertise you need to make sure your taxes are done right.

Unlike plain-old PTIN status, tax professionals who have achieved licensing as a Certified Public Accountant have tax skills that most tax preparation clients expect. CPAs have not only passed a uniform exam, but they have also completed a college degree in accounting. They also must achieve the character and experience requirements required by state and professional regulators.  Additionally, CPAs must maintain high ethical standards and undergo regular continuing tax education in order to keep up their credentials.

When you’re relying on someone to help you with your taxes, you want to make sure they are the best of the best. Happy Tax franchisees can rest assured that they are directing their clients to the most qualified tax professionals in the industry in addition to providing them with the concierge-level service that Happy Tax clients have come to expect.

Happy Tax Franchisees Connect Customers With a Real Tax Pro

When it comes time to file taxes, there’s no replacement for good, solid advice from a qualified tax professional. And that’s exactly what customers find at Happy Tax, the industry leader for concierge tax services. Happy Tax franchisees can reassure their customers that they will be working with a licensed professional accountant, which can really put their mind at ease. The talented in-house team of Happy Tax CPAs will make sure every customer’s return is prepared right, and maybe even save them some money through unclaimed credits or deductions. Unlicensed tax preparers don’t provide everything people need to file their taxes efficiently, so be sure to direct all of your clients to Happy Tax for their tax preparation and planning needs.

Happy Tax

The #1 tax filing solution that combines expert CPA tax preparation with a fast, easy, convenient, and secure mobile experience!
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