October 16, 2018

Happy Tax Creates Opportunities for Female Entrepreneurs

Around the world, we’ve seen the benefits of female economic empowerment. Closing economic gender gaps enhanced economic productivity and help communities achieve their goals. That’s because women entrepreneurs create jobs, drive innovation, and contribute a great deal to the societies they live in.  This is especially beneficial for community development since studies have shown that women entrepreneurs are more likely to reinvest business revenues in social programs than many other business owners.

Happy Tax recognizes that supporting female entrepreneurship can have real economic and social benefits. This is true for the individuals involved in these new businesses, as well as their larger communities. However, women often face substantial barriers to entrepreneurship. By offering an entrepreneurship opportunity that includes mentorship, support, and the opportunity to work from home, Happy Tax is working to become part of the solution and help female entrepreneurs become the successful businesspeople they were always meant to be.

Challenges Facing Female Entrepreneurs

Millions of women around the world want to start their own business, but they are deterred from doing so because they believe they lack the personal or business skills necessary to be successful.  As a result, women are seriously underrepresented among small business owners. In the United States, only about one-third of all businesses are owned by women, despite the fact that women make up half of the U.S. population. So, what are the main challenges facing female entrepreneurs, and what can we do to help solve them?

According to researchers, some of the main challenges facing prospective female entrepreneurs are confidence, skills, and access to capital.  To close the entrepreneurship gender gap, business opportunities must be designed to accommodate these issues. Happy Tax recognizes that it’s everyone’s responsibility to rise to these challenges, and that’s why we’ve designed a franchising opportunity that meets the needs of today’s female entrepreneur.

Support and Mentorship

Men and women alike who want to launch their own businesses often do not do so. Many times, this is due to the fact that they feel that they lack the personal and economic support they need from the business community. This is particularly true for female entrepreneurs, who often must break with social convention to launch their careers. As a result, opportunities for mentorship and access to capital are key to helping talented female entrepreneurs make their mark on the business world.

Mentors don’t just build confidence, they help people develop important business skills and key networking contacts. Altogether, this is critical for any business owner who is just starting out. Happy Tax knows that everyone benefits from support and mentorship – particularly when they’re starting a new business venture. That’s why we’ve built mentorship directly into our franchising model. Every Happy Tax franchisee gets personal support from an Area Representative, as well as Happy Tax’s expert in-house Opps Team. Happy Tax works with every franchisee, helping them develop their business and understanding useful strategies for building clientele. By providing mentorship and specialized training in franchise management and other important aspects of business operation, Happy Tax sets all of its franchisees up for success. And, since all of the tax preparation and planning services are provided to customers by our in-house team of experts, there is no special training or education required. Happy Tax franchise owners have access to all of the support they need, and they aren’t burdened by any barriers created by

Working From Home

Mentorship can help female entrepreneurs achieve economic success. However, this isn’t the only kind of support that women commonly need to fulfill their business dreams. This is because women are often responsible for family responsibilities, particularly child care and elder care. Opportunities to work remotely can help women achieve the work-life balance that we all dream of without sacrificing the family values that they hold dear. This observation has plenty of evidence to back it up, such as the fact that companies offering remote employment have more top female managers and executives than traditional businesses.

At Happy Tax, we understand that having to maintain an office can be a burden for anyone, and for some, it’s completely out of the question. If you’re someone who has to support children, or who cares for a loved one who is elderly or disabled, working remotely may be your best option. Happy Tax offers tax franchises that allow people to work from home while fulfilling their entrepreneurial dreams. This is possible because of our own unique and innovative approach to franchising, which is focused on making sure that every Happy Tax partner has the resources and support he or she needs to succeed.

Happy Tax franchisees can work from anywhere, at any time, and under any conditions that they feel comfortable in. The franchising fee – which is far lower than many of our competitors – includes all of the hardware, software, and information that a new Happy Tax partner needs to get his or her business off the ground. The benefits to this approach are clear, and our franchisees appreciate the flexibility of this approach.

Happy Tax has been among the fastest growing tax franchise out there, and franchisees are flocking to our easy and low-cost model. The Happy Tax model works for just about anyone looking to start a new customer-driven business, but the ease and flexibility of our approach makes it particularly accessible to women and other minorities who have been historically under-represented in the business world.

Happy Tax gets it - gender inequality in the workforce negatively impacts the economy. As a result, narrowing the economic gender gap can create substantial benefits for us all.  Promoting female entrepreneurship narrows workplace gender gaps. As a result, supporting women-owned businesses is good for the economy and builds stronger social ties. Happy Tax supports all of its franchising partners, making sure that they have the tools they need to succeed. If you’re interested in a business opportunity that is flexible, requires no special training, and low-cost, Happy tax may be right for you. Contact a franchise sales representative today, and soon you’ll be telling everyone to smile when it’s time to file!

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