October 3, 2018

Happy Tax Franchisees – Find the Client, We Do the Rest!

For millions of people around the world, the opportunity to work from home is like a dream come true. As technology makes staying connected easier and easier, more and more people are finding opportunities to telecommute. But when considering their options, many people find that jobs which allow telecommuting are still difficult to find. And when they are available, they are typically very competitive and require unique sets of professional skills. So, rather than fight the uphill battle of finding an employer that allows staff members to work from home, many people decide instead to strike out on their own. But of course, entrepreneurship comes with its own set of challenges.

Happy Tax is soaring to the top of the tax franchise market, and it’s doing so because our franchisees love what they do. Happy Tax is not only one of the most reliable and fastest-growing tax service providers out there, it’s also an innovative brand that has set up franchising opportunities that actually work for everyday people. There’s no need to learn every detail of the tax code or leave your regular job. Just find clients, and the in-house team of accountants at Happy Tax will do the rest.

The Happy Tax Franchisee Experience

People seeking franchise opportunities may not consider the tax preparation. That’s because often when people think about tax franchises, their minds immediately go to complicated calculations and endless forms. This means crunching numbers and sorting through the impossibly complex details of the federal tax code. But Happy Tax is different – our franchisees require no special training, and the flexibility of our business structure provides each one with the opportunity to work from home without quitting their existing job. That’s because Happy Tax does not require franchisees to go out of pocket for office space or stick to typical business hours. All a successful Happy Tax franchisee has to do is connect taxpayers with our valuable tax preparation and planning services. You make the connection, we do the heavy lifting.

Happy Tax works by referral, and franchisees are the folks on the ground finding and educating new clients. Once you have a lead, simply take a few minutes to walk the potential client through our easy-to-use mobile app or desktop software. After about 15 minutes of working with the client, simply press submit and your job is done! Our in-house tax experts will follow up to make sure all of the information submitted to them is accurate, then simply prepare the return. The return is thoroughly reviewed by a Certified Public Accountant and then sent to the client for follow up and submission to the Internal Revenue Service. The actual tax work is performed by Happy Tax’s team of experts, and you as the franchisee get to focus on building client relationships.

Establishing and maintain clients is easy with Happy Tax’s exceptional customer service. At the end of this process, the client is happy to have the quality tax preparation and planning services she needs. And the entire process took barely any time and came at a minimal cost – which is why Happy Tax customers smile whenever it’s time to file! But some of the biggest beneficiaries to our approach are the franchisees, who can make up to $375 for a single referral. This compensation is available to any franchisee who can connect clients to Happy Tax’s in-house team of tax experts, no special training or personal sacrifice required.

What Our Franchisees Have to Say

Anyone looking for a franchise opportunity is used to seeing a lot of promising data and other information from franchise providers. But when it comes to getting an idea of the actual, on-the-ground experience of running the business yourself, nothing beats personal experience.

One pair of Happy Tax franchisees – Matt and Laura Sommer of San Diego – initially joined the team due to their “love the forward-thinking technology” powering the company. But as franchisees, they appreciated the level of support they received from the Happy Tax in-house team. As Matt explained, “with Happy Tax, there’s a lot of support and a lot of help on the back end, so I can focus on developing client relationships, and really focusing on their needs.” Laura also emphasized the benefits of running a Happy Tax franchise. She really appreciates the benefits that working from home can have on family life, as well as the thrill of entrepreneurial success. “It is exciting to be part of such an innovative company that is growing so quickly,” she says, “it’s really great to be a part of Happy Tax.”

Join Our Growing Team

Happy Tax is proud to have over 1,000 franchisee partners, and our numbers are growing! That’s because Happy Tax offers the best of both worlds – the freedom of being able to work from anywhere with the security of a reliable business. Entrepreneurs everywhere are looking for a low-cost turnkey business that provides people with services they really need. Happy Tax provides all this and more, in addition to the benefits of a work-at-home lifestyle.

Join our growing team and secure your place in the multi-billion dollar tax preparation and planning industry – all without the headache of becoming a tax expert yourself. Simply refer people you know to our in-house team of bookkeepers and accountants, and Happy Tax does the rest for you! To find out more about franchise opportunities at Happy Tax, contact our franchise sales team today.

Happy Tax

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