October 1, 2018

Happy Tax Franchisees Join a Winning Team

Here at Happy Tax, we’ve been winning. Not only are we the fastest-growing tax franchise out there, we’ve got some of the happiest customers in the business. And given that most of us dread tax season every year, all this success is saying a lot!

Our employees are happy, and our customers get the best tax preparation and planning advice in the business. But the folks that are seeing the greatest benefits – hands down – are our franchisees. We’ve designed our franchising operations to be among the easiest and lowest-cost options in the business. This means that Happy Tax franchisees are seeing more revenues and paying less overhead than their competitors. Or, to put it simply, they’re winning at the tax game.

Every American Taxpayer is a Potential Customer

As they say, there are only two guarantees in life: death and taxes. For those of us looking for the freedom of entrepreneurship but are concerned about the risks, tax franchises are a great option. That’s because every U.S. taxpayer is a potential customer. And since our business is saving people money on their tax bills, we have some of the happiest customers in the country. However, to the dismay of many old-school tax preparers, the market is changing.

In the digital age, taxpayers have more options now than ever before. In fact, many Americans – approximately 30% - have given up their annual trip to the accountant’s office. That’s because they prefer the ease and convenience of doing their taxes from home. While there are several new software programs available that encourage DIY tax filing, individuals who choose to go it alone this tax season often miss out on valuable credits and deductions that an accountant would catch. As a Happy Tax franchisee, you won’t be missing out on this growing customer base of at-home tax preparers. In fact, you would be helping them access an important service that can save them a lot of money this tax season.

Taxpayers Benefit from Professional Help

Tax professionals offer substantial value that tax software users often miss. But this isn’t the only drawback to relying on software when preparing tax returns each year. There’s a lot of pressure on the taxpayer when he or she decides to go it alone. In fact, it may even increase their audit risk. That’s because the most common mistakes on tax returns are simple errors. So, a typo in a social security number or middle name can end up raising a red flag at the IRS. And unfortunately, tax software companies don’t always show the dedication to their customers that characterizes most professional service providers. For example, TurboTax faced consumer backlash after pulling what many people saw as a bait-and-switch scheme. The company downgraded the capabilities of its TurboTax Deluxe product line in 2014, but the downgrade was not widely advertised - and was not reflected in the price. So, customers in that year paid more for less services, and TurboTax’s parent company eventually issued a $25 refund to all affected users.

Doing your taxes from home is convenient, but it may not be the best value. Likewise, going to an accountant can help taxpayer’s bottom line, but it’s time consuming. So, what’s the best option for taxpayers in today’s world? Happy Tax!

Happy Tax – Easy, Convenient, and Valuable for Everyone

Happy Tax combines the best of both worlds for its customers – the benefits of professional tax preparation assistance and advice and the ease of doing everything from home. Happy Tax’s in-house Certified Public Accountants work with your customers at their convenience and from the comfort of their own homes or offices. That way, they get the professional services they need with the convenience they have come to accept.

As a franchisee, your main job is to get the word out about what Happy Tax can do for the American people. There’s no need to have special training or develop familiarity with the complexities of the tax code. Instead, you just need to worry about connect folks to our services, and then we take it from there!

Old-School Tax Preparers Are a Thing of the Past

When entrepreneurs are looking for new opportunities, often the heavy-hitters are the first to come to mind. This includes H&R Block, Liberty Tax, and Jackson Hewett. While these businesses may benefit from early-mover advantage and widespread name recognition, they won’t be able to compete in a changing market. Both large and small tax firms can expect to see their customer base slowly dwindle as customers flock to mobile apps and remote tax preparation services like Happy Tax.

Happy Tax employs the best CPAs in the business, and every Happy Tax customer has their taxes prepared by a licensed professional. But, unlike our competitors, we don’t make our customers go through the trouble of coming into a physical office. Instead, they can have their taxes done by a skilled accountant who works around their needs, without ever having to leave the comfort of their homes. Happy Tax customers get all of the convenience they have come to expect in today’s digital age without having to give up the expert advice they really need come tax time.

The Happy Tax concept is innovative and vastly superior to the existing brick-and-mortar structure of the tax preparation industry. Our services really sell themselves, and as a franchisee your main goal is to make sure the public is educated about the opportunities Happy Tax has to offer. If you’re skilled at sales, marketing, or communications, reach out to our franchise sales team today. Once you begin to experience the success and freedom that comes with running your own popular Happy Tax franchise, you’ll be glad you joined a winning team!

Happy Tax

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