October 15, 2018

Happy Tax Has an Edge Over its Competitors

Next time you take a drive around town, see if you notice any tax franchise service locations. Depending on where you live, you may encounter a handful of offices with Liberty Tax or H&R Block signs in front of them, and maybe even a Jackson Hewitt. But what makes these businesses unique? Well, other than the names and marketing strategy, not too much set one apart from the other.

Happy Tax is among the top 500 franchises listed by Entrepreneur magazine, placing us on par with the likes of Liberty Tax and H&R Block. However, Happy Tax’s unique approach to tax franchising crates unique benefits that give us a solid edge over our competition. Want to find out more about what sets us apart? Then keep reading!

No Need for Expensive Office Space

Whenever you purchase a franchise, you’re bound by the requirements of the franchise agreement. This is necessary to ensure consistency across the branded business. However, some of these requirements can be costly and burdensome – like the requirement to keep commercial office space.

Liberty Tax is a common franchise across the United States, and many people recognize the name from street advertisements and signs. However, opening up a Liberty Tax franchise requires costly office space. According to the company, franchisees should budget $3,000 to $6,000 just for rent, and then another $3,000 to $5,000 for equipment and furniture. This can add up quickly, and before they know it franchisees are working their way out of the red.

Happy Tax recognizes that commercial offices are becoming obsolete as more and more people get the goods and services they need online. We’ve eliminated the need for costly office space so that our franchisees can focus on things that make them money, not expenses that drain their accounts.

Low Franchise Fees

Franchise opportunities come with several built-in benefits, like marketing, mentorship, and the benefits of being able to rely on an established brand name. But these benefits don’t come for free. In fact, every franchise opportunity requires some combination of up-front fees and over-time royalties.

Happy Tax has built an efficient and low-cost franchise model that makes sure franchisees are set up for success. Our initial franchise fee is only $20,000 to open a Happy Tax branch of your own, and enterprising independent contractors can start for only $199. This is far lower than some of our competitors. For example, Liberty Tax franchises cost $40,000 in initial fees – twice what you would pay with Happy Tax. And our ongoing royalties are only 10% - 20% based on volume. This is far lower than what some of our competitors charge, like H&R Block’s sky-high ongoing royalty fee of 30%.

Altogether, there are several reasons to pick Happy Tax over some of the other leading tax franchise opportunities. But don’t take our word for it – check out what our franchisees have to say about their experience. You can learn more about the Happy Tax family of franchises at our website, or by contacting a local representative in your area.

Happy Tax

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