October 8, 2018

Happy Tax Offers Greater Flexibility Than Other Tax Franchises

In any franchise opportunity, there are a lot of rules. These rules are important because the set forth the structure for the working relationship between the corporate parent company and the franchisee. This includes cost-sharing requirements, royalty and licensing agreements, and the respective duties and responsibilities of the parties. However, some franchise opportunities are more rigid and complex than others. This is particularly true for tax franchise companies, many of which are still sticking to old and stale models that put corporate HQ above the needs of the customer.

At Happy Tax, we put our customers first. And franchise owners are our main connection to our clients. That means we focus a great deal of time and attention on ensuring that our franchisees are happy. After all, happy franchisees mean happy customers, and that’s our main focus here at Happy Tax!

Happy Tax has built an entire franchise model around flexibility and customer service.  We recognize that flexibility brings value to relationships, and that’s why we’ve developed a system that allows for greater latitude than our competitors. For example, Happy Tax has no geographical limitations on franchise owners. While most franchises limit the territories that franchisees are allowed to operate in, Happy Tax allows its franchise owners to acquire customers from across the nation. Additionally, Happy Tax does not require franchise owners to operate a traditional brick-and-mortar business. Instead, franchisees can work from whatever location they find works for them. Whether it’s from home, an office, or a community space, Happy Tax franchisees have the flexibility to work anywhere. This freedom and flexibility allow Happy Tax franchise owners the freedom that they crave in their careers without sacrificing the economic opportunities that they need.

Happy Tax franchisees benefit from the ease and flexibility of one of the fastest-growing tax franchises in the nation. All this, plus Happy Tax reserves the lions’ share of revenues for its hard-working franchise owners. Happy Tax takes only 10 to 20 percent royalties from franchise revenues, among the lowest in the industry. This rock-bottom royalty schedule, taken alongside the low costs of startup and operation, make Happy Tax a great option for people looking for a franchise opportunity that won’t break the bank.

Being your own boss comes with risk. Many people turn to franchises to get help managing some of the risks of running a business, such as setting up operational standards or engaging the public through a marketing campaign. With Happy Tax, franchisees get the support they need to thrive plus the flexibility of one of the most innovative new approaches to tax planning that the industry has ever seen. If you’re interested in learning more about Happy Tax franchise opportunities, contact our sales specialists today.

Happy Tax

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