October 12, 2018

Happy Tax’s Unique Franchise Model Makes Owning a Business Accessible to Everyone

Tax time can be very frustrating, especially when you’re facing a potentially hefty bill from the IRS. But what if you could make your career out of helping people save money on their taxes, no matter where they’re filing from? Sounds great, but what if you don’t know that much about taxes? If you want to help people with their taxes but aren’t a tax preparation professional, owning a Happy Tax franchise may be a great option for you.

Typical Tax Franchises Aren’t for Everyone

When you open a franchise, you get the immediate benefits of being able to stand behind a proven brand concept. You also typically receive training and marketing benefits as well. However, regardless of what type of franchise you choose to join, you will responsible for complying with the rules and requirements set forth in your franchise agreement. This includes paying a franchise fee and regular royalties on your earnings, as well as any other charges that you’re responsible for. There may also be mandatory trainings and conferences, particularly for franchises in the professional services industry.

The typical tax franchise demands that their franchisees train in tax preparation. While it may seem like this is a benefit to you, it may actually end up being a cost. That’s because you may be required to forfeit time at your business to attend lengthy seminars and study for qualifications exams. However, Happy Tax’s unique approach to tax services makes it so our franchisees don’t have to be tax experts in their own right.

What Sets Us Apart

Most tax franchises require their franchisees to become a trained professional tax preparer. This approach makes sense, since people want to hire tax preparation professionals that know the ins-and-outs of the tax code to make sure that they are filing their returns according to all applicable rules. Good tax preparers should also help people identify deductions, claim credits, and manage their future tax liability. And that’s exactly what people get at Happy Tax – top-quality tax preparation services performed by trained and licensed CPAs. But if we don’t require our franchisees to be trained tax professionals, how is this possible?

Happy Tax has a team of specially-trained and qualified tax preparation and planning professionals that work for us in-house. Rather than prepare people’s taxes on their own, franchisees focus on developing a client base that they can build a relationship with. Just collect some basic information, and hand off your new client to the Happy Tax in-house team – simple as that!

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a good side-hustle or launching a full-time enterprise, Happy Tax’s innovative approach to tax preparation and planning really set us apart from the rest of the tax franchise industry. Our franchise opportunities are low-cost and easily accessible to anyone who’s ever dreamed of being their own boss. Join Happy Tax, and soon you’ll be telling everyone to smile, because it’s time to file!

Happy Tax

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