May 4, 2015

Information vs Implementation

I appreciate all of the emails and messages that you’ve been sending in. Keep them coming. I absolutely love answering your questions and giving you guidance. And that leads me to what we’ll talk about today. Information versus Implementation. The internet is full of of information. Some of that good, some of it bad and some of it wacky. We all get roped into reading and researching the internet and sometimes even spending too much time on social media. But what do we do with that information. Some of it we skim through, some of it we bookmark and re-read, some of it we fully digest and understand and some of it we forget before we even close the page. It can even feel like information overload. And then there’s life. Work, family, friends, errands, responsibilities and once in a while even some fun. It’s no wonder that much of this information is never implemented. You can be the smartest guy or girl in the room, but where does that get you if you aren’t doing anything about it. Take what you’re learning and start doing Don’t wait for tomorrow. Don’t put it off until next week. Do it now. Take action. Take massive action. Our time here on this planet is limited. I know that all too well. You need to maximize your working time with discipline, efficiency and getting stuff done. Use a to do list if you don’t. There are so many great tools out there like wunderlust, asana, trello, basecamp or evernote; just pick one and use it. I use old fashioned notes on my mac or notepad on a pc and keep moving and easy. If you aren’t making progress every day, you are doing yourself a disservice. If you want to make changes in your life, you need to move incrementally closer to the end goal each and every day. If you need any help with your implementation, that’s were we come in at Happy Tax. Our industry experience and track record of success will help you take the necessary steps towards not only learning the tax business but thriving in it.

This past Thursday, we exhibited at the NY Accounting & Technology Show. We met some amazing people and had some great conversations about our concept. It was awesome that so many in the industry had already saw our videos on youtube, Facebook and across the internet. The feedback was great and we met many future Happy franchisees there. We’ll also be exhibiting at the International Franchise Expo in New York in June so stay tuned for details about that. If you want more information about the Happy Tax franchise opportunity you can view a recorded copy of our sold out industry webinar at or shoot me an email at

On Saturday, we announced through a press release our new program to give back to single moms that can use a little extra help in order to get by. Starting this Mothers Day, we’re offering all single moms the opportunity to earn extra income without having to pay a franchise fee. We’re waiving, for all single moms, our usual ten thousand dollar franchise fee to become of the Happy Tax franchise family.

Have a great evening and productive rest of the week. Let me know if I could help you in any way.

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