October 4, 2018

Join Happy Tax and Work From Home

In the past, working from home was a luxury reserved for only a few workers. However, as employers are recognizing the value of telecommuting in their operations, more and more people are getting the opportunity to cut out the commute and work from home.

Happy Tax is an innovator, always on the cutting-edge of new developments in the tax planning and preparation industry. We understand the mutual benefits of allowing our franchisees to work from home, and we are committed to ensuring that our partners enjoy the ease and flexibility of telecommuting.

Employers See the Benefits of Letting Employees Work From Home

Some people prefer the structured environment of an office setting. However, many of us prefer the freedom to work from anywhere. Employers often see a boost in morale and productivity when they start giving workers the option to telecommute, particularly among workers facing a long commute every day. Additionally, workers who have the flexibility of working remotely often find a beneficial work-life balance – something we’re all looking to achieve. And of course, with communications technology being more advanced than ever before, working from home is more accessible than it’s ever been.

Telecommuting Soars in the Twenty-First Century

In a recent report on the state of telecommuting in the U.S. workforce, FlexJobs and Global Workplace Analytics shined some light on how common telecommuting is becoming in the modern workplace. Nearly 4 million American workers now work from home at least half the time, representing an increase of over 115 percent over the last decade. In the majority of U.S. metropolitan areas, telecommuting is the preferred option over public transportation or private arrangements for getting to-and-from work. Despite these significant gains, however, less than 3% of the total U.S. workforce is able to telecommute. And even among these individuals, the majority of telecommuters are over the age of 45 and holds at least a bachelor’s degree. This means that many younger workers or those without specialized training are left with few options to work from home.

Happy Tax believes that everyone should be able to benefit from the clear advantages of ending the daily commute. That’s why we’ve designed our franchise to allow franchisees to work from home, avoiding the cost and inconvenience of maintaining an office. If you’re looking for a way to work from home and be your own boss, consider joining the Happy Tax team. Our franchisees get the benefits of working for themselves while maintaining the security of being a part of a larger brand. If you’re looking for your next career move, contact our franchise sales team today.

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