November 22, 2018

No Need for an Office Visit – Communications Technology Makes Meeting With Your Tax Pro a Breeze!

The internet has made so many services more comfortable and convenient to attain. This is particularly true with respect to professional services, like tax planning and preparation, which were once only available to clients in an office. Happy Tax recognizes the value of the recent advancements in communications technology, and the fact that it’s easier than ever to communicate with people easily and securely online or by smartphone. That’s why Happy Tax has developed an innovative business strategy centered around bringing taxpayers the services they need with the convenience of doing everything from the comfort of their own homes.

Connecting Clients With Professionals is Easier Than Ever

Advancements in technology have positively affected many aspects of trade and consumerism in the world we live in. The internet and other communication outlets have opened up many new opportunities between consumers and professional service providers. This is true both in local markets and nationwide.

The internet makes it possible for professionals to easily communicate with and collect information from their clientele, as it breaks all boundaries set by distance. For Happy Tax franchisees, this means nearly limitless potential opportunities. That’s because they aren’t limited to a client base that lives in the same city, state, or region of the country as they do. Instead, every Happy Tax franchisee can tap new clients from among the over 140 million taxpaying Americans across the U.S, not to mention the innumerable businesses and new start-ups opening their doors every day.

Consumers no longer need to leave their homes in order to communicate or attain the services offered by tax professionals. However, Happy Tax is among the few organizations that have been able to tap into the telecom revolution without compromising the quality or integrity of their services. Every Happy Tax customer’s return is reviewed by a licensed CPA, so they can rest assured they are getting the top-quality service they deserve in addition to the convenience they crave.

Telecom Technology Benefits Taxpayers and the Tax Services Industry Alike

As a result of recent advancements in technology, providing and receiving tax services is faster and easier than ever. For example, technology has made data processing and digital “filing” a breeze. New technology allows the taxpayer to just provide their basic information, and the relevant fields are filled in by a trained pro.

New technology provides more efficient tools and specialized processes that are convenient for both the tax preparer and taxpayer. The latest communications technology allows taxpayers to securely and transparently work with their accountant remotely rather than taking the time to make an appointment and take a trip to an office.  

For Happy Tax franchisees, utilizing remote-work technology rather than the traditional office setup is faster, more efficient and overall a more pleasant working experience. We find that telecommuting helps our franchisees be more comfortable and keep costs low. And communications technology is only continuing to advance, so new opportunities for even greater comfort and efficiency are surely right around the corner.

Connecting With Tax Pros On Apps and Clouds

The development of accounting applications on mobile devices is another example of how internet technology has provided convenience and efficiency modern tax professionals need to best serve their clients. These applications provide accountants and taxpayers the opportunity to keep up with one another, get updates on current finances, update banking info, and send important documents like invoices, receipts, add expense claims, and the like. Mobile applications also allow consumers to perform all these tasks with just a few swipes across their screen, and they can even provide the user access to all of their files regardless of their location.

Mobile tax applications like the one developed and utilized by Happy Tax make managing tax documents and preparing returns easier than ever. And perhaps most importantly, they eliminate the inconvenience of someone having to go out of their way to contact or make an appointment with their tax professional anytime a simple question arises.

Technology offers all sorts of new opportunities for tax professionals. For example, some accounting firms are switching over to utilizing cloud-based systems offered by major platforms such as Microsoft and Apple. These systems, however, are complicated and costly, and most of the best new innovation in tax technology is coming from growing up-starts like Happy Tax. This new technology lets tax providers and clients access their data no matter where they are, or what device they are on. Furthermore, utilizing a cloud or mobile device cuts file-keeping expenses, and provides a sophisticated level of security, backup, and data retrieval.

Telecommunication Opens New Opportunities for Tax Service Providers

Technology has developed to a point where we can easily transform professional services from in-person to virtual or by-phone experiences.  As people have gotten more comfortable with web and smartphone technology, they become used to the ease and efficiency of being able to do things remotely and on their own time. Happy Tax leverages these benefits to help people get the tax planning and preparation services they need at a time and place that’s convenient for them.

Rather than taking time out of their day to physically pay a visit to an office client often prefer to communicate via the internet or by phone. In turn, professionals’ benefit from the efficiency and convenience provided by online or telephone communications. Happy Tax makes it easier than ever to get connected with a tax professional, and franchisees benefit from being able to leverage the ease and convenience of Happy Tax’s unique business structure to everyone’s advantage.

All in all, communications technology has changed the way we as a society handle obligations in our everyday life, including meeting with an accountant. The internet and communications technology have made it more comfortable, convenient, and efficient for taxpayers to work with their tax professionals remotely. New communications technology and mobile apps make things like in-person meetings a thing of the past. Happy Tax is leveraging the new advances in communication technology to create a next-level customer service experience for taxpayers who select our custom concierge tax services.

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