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1. Eligibility

Help us get to know you more and discover the best opportunity for you.

We have a commitment to ensure that our future partners receive the best advice and guidance to be successful when starting a new business. Your first step in the Happy Tax Discovery Process is to complete a short “Prospect Profile”. This helps us get to know you, and curate the best opportunity that fits your lifestyle.

Complete Prospect Profile

2. Introductory Call

A quick follow-up to answer your questions.

After completing your “Prospect Profile” schedule a call with one of our business development representatives to ask any questions you have, go over your profile, and to move forward in the discovery process. If a call is not scheduled one of our reps will reach out to you within 24-48 hours.

Schedule Call

3. Powerpoint Presentation

An in-depth look at out revolutionary brand & process.

You’ll learn how Happy Tax is revolutionizing the industry, what your market potential is, and the growth potential as a Happy Tax partner. You will need to be in front of a computer for this call. This presentation will be scheduled during your Introductory Call.

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4. Application

You’re almost there! You’re a Great Fit!

We’ve determined we are a match made in tax heaven and are ready to complete the necessary next steps to make your dream a reality. In order to move forward at this point, we ask that you fill out the Franchise Application. Once we receive your application we will put in a request for a background check and get you scheduled for your final Operations Call with our VP of Ops, Dora Cuyler.

Complete Application!

5. Operations Call

1-1 call with Vp of Operations, Dora Cuyler.

Learn about the internal Happy Tax systems, and how we will help you grow your business.

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6. Follow-up Call

Deal terms & agreements.

Join a call with your Happy Tax Business Development representative to discuss deal terms and moving forward with franchise agreements.

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7. Franchise Agreement & Payment

Signed, Sealed, Delivered!

You made it! In this step, you’ll receive your franchise documents to sign and submit payment. Once you have completed this, Happy Tax CEO Mario Costanz will review, sign, and finalize your agreement.

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8. Welcome to Happy Tax

Let’s get started…

You are officially a Happy Tax Partner and ready to start growing your business. Our industry-leading operations team will contact you to start your onboarding and training process.

Join Over 1,000 Partners Growing With Happy Tax

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