4 Simple Solutions to Stop 80% of Identity Theft Tax Fraud

Happy Tax Tax Industry

Have you heard enough about identity theft tax fraud in the US without any solutions? Happy Tax is on it and ready to help solve this epidemic sweeping the nation. On Tuesday, May 26, 2015, the IRS announced that its online Get Transcript application was accessed over 200,000 times between February and May by criminals attempting to obtain tax transcripts with the intent to commit tax return fraud. The criminals were able to unlawfully download IRS transcripts for 104,000 individuals. Tax return identity theft amounts to over $5 billion per year of taxpayer money paid out to criminals. That’s money that hardworking Americans pay to the IRS each year only to be given away to these criminals. If we stop this tax fraud, we could use the proceeds to stop hunger in America with a couple of billion dollars to spare.

We are giving you the 4 simple solutions the IRS can implement now in order to eliminate the majority of all identity theft tax fraud in this country. You can download this short PDF detailing those common sense solutions. We encourage everyone to read them and to take action in alerting the IRS so we can finally do something about this costly fraud to the American people.

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