Launch A Franchise In No Time!

Happy Tax Tax Industry

When tax season begins looming on the calendar’s horizon, more often than not interested potential franchisees may believe it is too late to open a Happy Tax franchise. So, just how long does it take from the moment the idea begins to blossom to serving your first customer?


The first thing is to make an online inquiry. In just 30 seconds you can submit our online form and start learning about the Happy Tax process and talk one on one with out Happy Tax franchise development team.


Next, indulge in our informative webinar that will lead you through the process of starting your own tax business. The webinar is free but seating is limited. Your investment of time includes how long it takes to fill out the form to reserve your viewing spot, or you can opt to view a previously recorded broadcast rather than a live version. Either way, it takes less than twenty minutes to sign up and watch the webinar.


After the webinar, future franchisees will need to submit their application. Although filling out the application form is fairly simple, straightforward and takes little time, the wait for approval may take longer. Verifying personal information could take upwards of 5-7 business days.

Sign On The Dotted Line

Once the approval process is complete, it is onward to signing the final documents to become the proud owner of a Happy Tax franchise.

No Time At All

Generally, within a few weeks a person can launch a new business with minimal investment of time and money. The process is easy. The investment is affordable. And with training available with the click of a mouse, new franchisees with absolutely zero experience in tax preparation can move forward with confidence in becoming a Happy Tax Franchisee. So, contact Happy Tax today and let’s get started.