How You Can Tap Into the Self-Employed Tax Industry

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Offering CPA services for self-employed individuals and service professionals will surely turn out to be a profitable endeavor. Self-employed individuals need tax services much more than regular hired workers, and here are just some reasons why.

It Saves Them Time

People who run their own business often don’t have time to deal with doing taxes. They often are in charge of a one-man business, and they have to handle everything alone, ranging from answering emails, managing cash-flow, and much more. Self employed individuals also have to deal with more tax forms than hired workers, including 1099s, 1040s, and estimated tax payments. For these people, a CPA accountant is a much-needed relief.

An Experienced CPA Helps Them With Deductions

People who run their own business also have to deal with complicated deductions. Since their business is often operated from their home or home office, it is much more difficult to ascertain whether something, such as internet service of a new computer, can be classified as a business expense or not. These people need CPAs who know the tax code to help them out.

They Are Afraid of Audits

Small business owners and self-employed individuals are audited at a much greater rate than regular hired workers, precisely for the reason mentioned above — namely, that the thin line between personal and business expenses are often blurred. They know that they need a CPA, so that they will have someone behind them in case they get audited.

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