I’m A Hair Stylist, Not A CPA

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Don’t know a thing about filing tax returns? That’s just fine. You can keep your day job but still supplement your income as a Happy Tax franchise even though you don’t know a thing about taxes. It all comes down to technology, training and support.

Freedom Through Technology

With innovative advances in the Happy Tax franchise method you can manage the needs of clients with the best hi-tech concierge services available. A CPA may not make a house call but a Happy Tax professional can. As a Happy Tax representative, you can schedule meetings with your clients anywhere and anytime. Perhaps a meet-up at a local coffee shop keeps it professional and friendly all at the same time. With a Happy Tax franchise you don’t need storefront, and can work whenever is most convenient for you. Using our revolutionary mobile app process you can continue with your current career and work-in new tax clients anytime.

Training & Support

Many Happy Tax franchisees have already invested years in training and education for a profession. Despite starting out with zero knowledge of the tax code and a strength in a completely unrelated field, success is still attainable. This is possible through the excellent training and continued support provided by Happy Tax. It starts with a short webinar then moves down the path to training, finally culminating in a road to success. All you need is an entrepreneurial spirit, some tech savviness and the drive to grow!

So keep you day job as a hair stylist, insurance agent or computer programmer and earn extra income as a part-time tax preparer. It’s much easier than you think! Who knows, you may experience so much success that you become a full-time Happy Tax entrepreneur offering bookkeeping and payroll services year round in addition to the busy season of preparing income tax returns. It only takes a few minutes to view a webinar. You will be amazed at how easy it is to get started.