Protecting A Tax Client’s Identity

Happy Tax Tax Industry

Identity theft is a serious security concern when it comes to preparing a tax return for a client. A person’s social security number (SSN) is akin to the Rosetta Stone, the master key provided by a client to their tax return preparer that opens the doorway to their individual identity. The element of trust in this business relationship could not be more clear.

The Social Security Administration (SSA) claims that identity theft is among the fastest growing crimes in the nation. An SSN provides thieves with the gateway to your personal information that can then be used to establish credit (in your name), rack up a credit limit of purchases, then walk away from the bills. Ruining your credit is only one nightmare an identity thief can create. Much more is possible with an SSN, such as obtaining a passport in your name. What could be worse than planning the vacation of a lifetime only to arrive at the airport and realize that, not only is your passport invalid, but you are now under suspicion for identity theft and must prove who you are?

To provide our customers with the best protection possible, Happy Tax uses an advanced, patent pending technology and process. Following the encryption standards of 2048 bit SSL security, customers can have peace of mind that their personal data is untraceable and never locally stored. This method is considered the best in digital security practices currently being used to protect online information. Cyber security experts estimate that it would take almost 14 billion years to break a 2048 bit SSL encryption code. Where identity theft is concerned, Happy Tax customers can breathe a sigh of relief and know that we have got them covered until the end of time!