Taxes Done Smarter – Business Done Better

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Happy Tax isn’t changing the face of the game in one industry, but two! Improving the tax filing process completely, Happy Tax is leading the way in how taxes are done. The opportunity to partner with Happy Tax is available to anyone, and simply put it is a life changing opportunity.

Taxes Done Smarter

  • Professional services. Happy Tax CPA’s deliver the best possible tax services and each Happy Tax client receives the benefits of this level of professional service.
  • Easy. There is no headache, and no long forms, just a simple mobile app questionnaire is needed to get started. Customers can spend a few minutes with a representative and then go on with their day.
  • Mobile. Happy Tax is mobile, completely! That means that customers can have a representative meet them on a lunch break, at their home or wherever is most convenient for them.

Business Done Better

  • Investment levels. Those wishing to join the Happy Tax team can begin their business for as little as $199 or choose to step in as a Franchisee starting at $20,000 or an Area Representative.
  • Support. Your customers will be able to get 100% customer service support for their questions, as a franchisee or Area Representative you will even get help building your own team of independent contractors. Happy Tax is with you every step of the way.
  • Freedom. The mobility of the app affords you the luxury of working from wherever you choose. The option to work as little or as much as you choose means complete freedom for you and your new tax business.

Getting taxes done has never been easier, and running your own business has never been more simple. This is smart taxes meeting better business, this is the Happy Tax way.