The Mobile Excitement Of A Happy Tax Franchise

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The tax return business is a billion-dollar industry that people like you tap into every year as a career or even a side job. If you’re interested in tax preparation and being a Happy Tax franchise holder, you need to understand how our mobile app will not only streamline the process, but maximize your profits!

Our Mobile App Is Truly Revolutionary

The Happy Tax app is designed to meet a all tax preparation needs for clients. We have bridged the gap between DIY taxpayer’s and top CPA service by creating the first assembly line model that allows everyone to-do what they do best.

You Can Make Increase Your Revenue Quick

Just how quickly can you make money as a Happy Tax Franchisee? We anticipate our typical franchise holders can make up to $350 in 10 minutes using our app. How?

By meeting with your client, walking them through the mobile app process, upload their docs and press submit. That’s all you need to do to be successful as a Happy Tax franchise owner!

There’s No Need To Do Any Tax Returns

If you’re sick of the headache of doing dozens of tax returns for your customers or have never done a return in your life, never fear! As a Happy Tax franchisee, you never have to do another tax return again using our mobile app process.

Our 100 percent American-based expert CPA’s will take the information from your app submission and complete the tax return for you.

There is no better time to join the revolutionary Happy Tax brand!