Who Doesn’t Love Doing Taxes?

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We are passionate about taxes, but how do most people view doing taxes?  Probably not much above going to the dentist.  With Happy Tax, you can help change that perception one client at a time.  Here are just a few of the advantages that can help you convince your clients that tax time is great:

Personal Service

Clients will be surprised by the fact that you can come to them, that you are able to take the time they need, and have the expertise of a CPA at your disposal.  What was once tedious and painful (like the dentist!) becomes easy when you have the right tools and access.  You can establish relationships with your clients that can feel more like friendships, and that helps in client happiness and retention.

Better Service

With Happy CPAs on the case, you’ll be giving your clients a reason to smile.  Happy CPAs find the deep discounts, and that makes for happy clients.  The big box tax places aren’t going to be diligently searching out those cuts that can make a difference for your clients.

Free Audit Assistance

The ultimate in tax time dread: the audit.  Happy Tax, however, is there to help.  Your clients will feel cared for when an audit happens.  With an entire audit department behind you, you’ll be able to keep your clients calm and help them through the process when they need it.

Who doesn’t love doing taxes?  With Happy Tax, everyone’s happy!  Let’s convert clients to looking forward to tax time!