December 12, 2018

Tax Professionals are Technicians, Franchise Owners are Magicians

A tax professional should possess a distinct set of skills to ensure that each of his or her clients’ tax filings are in full compliance with applicable laws and regulations. In particular, Certified Public Accountants (“CPAs”) are required to maintain a set of technical skills and professional ethical standards. This includes a strong attention to detail and a clear understanding of the tax code. That’s because we rely on our tax professionals to be accurate, responsible, and savvy. However, this doesn’t always mean that a good tax professional always has great communication and people skills.

Business owners, on the other hand, need the social skills that many technicians may not get the opportunity to develop. This includes the ability to work well with colleagues and build relationships among clients. And of course, any good business owner should aspire to be a leader among their colleagues by demonstrating superior reliability and commitment to his or her clients. Clearly, this requires a lot of interpersonal skills, but not necessarily intimate knowledge about a technical subject like taxes.

Happy Tax has developed a unique and effective tax franchise business model that allows entrepreneurs and CPAs do what they do best. We provide the support and technology they need to make sure they can collaborate to meet the needs of every Happy Tax client, but more than anything we’re giving them the tools they need to succeed.

At Happy Tax, licensed CPAs are responsible for reviewing every client’s return and ensuring that tax filings are compliant with applicable regulations. On the other hand, our franchise owners have their ears on the ground, staying in direct clients and aware of everything that goes on in day-to-day business operations. This gives our tax technicians the opportunity to do what they do best while leaving client relationships and operations up to our franchise owners.

In some ways, Happy Tax franchise owners make magic. They connect with people and grow their businesses from the ground up. Of course, they do all this with the support of Happy Tax’s talented team of reliable tax professionals. But of course, our franchise owners always keep a few tricks of their sleeves! While CPAs and other tax professionals are the precise technicians at Happy Tax meeting taxpayers needs, our franchise owners are the magicians keeping all of the plates spinning and the clients happy!

Happy Tax

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