November 30, 2018

Tax Services – Something Every American Could Use

Let’s face it, everyone likes saving money. When it comes to taxes, a thrifty attitude often leads people to try and prepare their annual returns alone. After all, why pay for something you can do yourself? Well, when it comes right down to it, millions of working-class Americans could save big on their annual expenses by getting some good tax help.

Happy Tax franchise owners connect U.S. taxpayers to licensed Certified Public Accountants that work in the Happy Tax home office. These tax experts have scoured every page of the federal tax code, and they know exactly how to prepare your tax returns in a manner that keeps your financial liability at a bare minimum. This helps taxpayers save money, which they can use to improve their lives in other ways.

It should come as no surprise that the single largest expense for U.S. working families is housing. Americans spend about one-third of their income on rent or mortgage payments, and then another one-third of their income on transportation, retirement, insurance, and healthcare.

Once food costs are accounted for, the average American only contributes about 3 percent of his or her income to entertainment, apparel, or other services geared towards personal care.

By helping people save more money on their tax bills, Happy Tax gives taxpayers everywhere the opportunity to invest in themselves. For the most part, Americans who save money on their taxes will be putting that windfall towards housing, healthcare, and other important day-to-day expenses. But a bit of extra cash in your pocket can also mean an opportunity to have a little fun or achieve a goal that was previously inaccessible.

An extra few hundred dollars can help pay for tuition or training programs that can enrich people's’ careers. Or perhaps they can use that money for a long-overdue vacation from the demands of their daily lives. Whatever it may be, helping people save money on their taxes is what Happy Tax professionals do best. By becoming a part of the Happy Tax team, franchise owners can introduce their own networks to the perks of working with a tax professional. And with Happy Tax’s top-of-the-industry customer service, every Happy Tax customer gets the time and attention they need to feel valued as a client. Before you know it, everyone in your network will be saying “Smile, it’s Time to File!”

Happy Tax

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