November 23, 2018

Tax Software Horror Stories Give Taxpayers Nightmares

Many people turn to tax software as a cost-effective way to file taxes. However, with the new 2018 tax laws and the overall complexity of the U.S. tax code, the margin for error in DIY tax preparation is significant. This is why tax season gives so many of us anxiety, and taxpayers have a very valid fear in this respect. And unfortunately, choosing a tax software riddled with pitfalls has caused many people to end up on the wrong side of an IRS audit.

Happy Tax connects people with licensed Certified Public Accountants that make sure their taxes are filed properly and they are saving as much money as they can. But that doesn’t stop millions of Americans from choosing DIY tax preparation software that turns out to be a nightmare.

Tax Software Can Be More Costly Than It Looks

It may seem easy, but tax software is nearly always costly and complicated. Horror stories reported by tax software consumers typically involve hidden additional fees, the software being unable to correctly calculate taxes, other software-related bugs, possible tax scams, and poor integration with other software. However, the most relevant issues users reported having was lack of customer service and insufficient support, which often resulted in incorrect tax filing.

When a taxpayer chooses to file with a tax software, they are on their own, and more often than not fully responsible for any consequences resulting from incorrectly filed forms.  When clarification is needed, software companies often fail to live up to their high claims of customer service. Happy Tax has developed a customer-oriented remote tax services company that meets the needs of the modern taxpayer. Our franchisees connect people who need tax preparation and planning assistance with qualified, licensed professionals who can give it to them – simple as that.

Modern Taxpayers Need a Customer-Focused Approach

Individuals using online tax software have had numerous concerns and unnerving experiences after using tax software to file their taxes. Tax software users have reported nearly every variety of taxpayer nightmare, from mountains of paperwork to financial devastation following an incidence of incorrect or delayed tax filing.

Customers who depended on a tax software have experienced a disheartening variety of horror stories. This is because there are so many things that may go wrong, from a failure to accurately import data or a failure to accurate crunch the numbers to poor customer support. Individuals have also noted smaller frustrations with using a tax software, like hidden additional fees, failure to save data upon submission, the update and installation process, and the list continues. All in all, tax software programs often do not offer the security, support, and care that modern taxpayers need, and this is why Happy Tax’s client base continues to grow year after year.

Happy Tax

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