October 19, 2018

The Happy Tax Customer Experience

Taxpayers need help preparing their returns, particularly when they involve important deductions and exemptions. But tax time can be such a hassle, and there are far too many unscrupulous organizations out there who will think nothing of charging you a hefty bill for even the most basic tax preparation services. When it comes to the tax preparation industry, people are looking for value, convenience, and excellent customer service – which is exactly what Happy Tax offers its valuable customers.

Happy Tax Value

Many people question the value of working with a tax professional rather than preparing their taxes themselves. After all, why pay to have something done you can do for yourself? Of course, the answer to this question is that professionals can add significant value. In fact, Happy Tax gets customers their maximum legal refund at a flat cost that comes in among the lowest in the industry. In fact, many taxpayers end up saving more on their tax bill by relying on Happy Tax’s tax experts than they paid to the talented CPA in the first place. This makes patronizing Happy Tax a great value for every taxpayer.

Happy Tax Convenience

Happy Tax is the only top tax franchise out there that offers an ultra-convenient, work-from-anywhere franchise model. This is great for our franchisees, who get to enjoy the entrepreneurial lifestyle while working from home, but it’s also great for our customers. That’s because they can get tax assistance on-demand, from anywhere. There’s no need to go through the hassle of slogging downtown to your accountant’s office – just pick up the phone or send an email, and Happy Tax is ready to help!

Happy Tax Customer Service

Happy Tax is obsessed with its customers. That’s because we rely on our customers to keep the lights on, and we rely on our franchisees to keep our customers coming through the door. That’s why we offer a concierge-based tax preparation and planning service that anyone can appreciate. Every Happy Tax customer interacts with a friendly company representative or franchisee that will provide a level of customer service that may just sweep them off their feet, all while getting the best-quality tax preparation and planning services in the industry.

Happy Tax customers get the ultimate high-end tax preparation and planning experience but at prices that make this type of luxury available to anyone. Happy Tax franchisees are an important part of the customer service program at Happy Tax, since franchisees are often the first people who interact with new clients. As a result, everyone in the Happy Tax family believes in meeting the highest standards of value, convenience, and customer service for America’s taxpayers.

Happy Tax

The #1 tax filing solution that combines expert CPA tax preparation with a fast, easy, convenient, and secure mobile experience!
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