October 25, 2018

What Would the Average Taxpayer Do With an Extra $1,000?

The average American has less than one thousand dollars in savings. This is a concerning state of affairs, particularly for those of us approaching retirement age. The majority of adults in the United States – nearly 60% -  have less a thousand dollars in their bank accounts. Additionally, 23% of Americans don’t have an emergency fund and 42% of Americans have less than $10,000 in their retirement funds. This begs the question - what would the average American do with an extra thousand dollars? Would they take that thousand dollars and stash it away for a rainy day? Or put into an IRA or 401K, maybe even pay off some debt, student loan or otherwise? The answer to this question may lie in what we Americans generally spend money on.

The financial constraints that many of us are living under are causing more and more people to look for self-employment opportunities, such as buying and running a franchise. But many of us are unaware of the potential windfall we could be getting by implementing good tax advice.

Happy Tax Saves People Money

When considering what the average American may do with a little extra cash, it appears that the highest proportion of people spend their extra money on entertainment. So, for many of us, an extra $1,000 means more dining out with friends and family vacation time. Many Americans also choose to pay off debt when they get extra cash, which is almost always a great way to boost your credit and improve your personal finances.

Taking all of this into account, it seems that the majority of American taxpayers would benefit a great deal from an extra $1,000 at their disposal. And believe it or not, it’s entirely possible to squeeze this kind of money from the IRS by planning and managing your tax liability effectively. In fact, in its first year of operation, the average CryptoTaxPrep.com client saved over $900 on their cryptocurrency tax liability. This extra-hefty return is just one example of why Happy Tax clients smile when it’s time to file!

What Would You Do With Extra Cash?

Happy Tax clients aren’t the only ones smiling all the way to the bank. High-performing Happy Tax franchisees earn high revenues, and with Happy Tax franchise opportunities requiring almost no overhead most of this revenue converts to profit. And since Happy Tax has some of the lowest franchise fees in the industry, more money goes into your pocket every year. To learn more about how you can make some extra cash as a Happy Tax franchisee, contact our franchise sales team today.

Happy Tax

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