November 21, 2018

Working From Home Is a Smart Policy for Business Owners

When they have the choice, more and more employees are working from their own home office rather than commuting to a local business. There are many reasons why someone may want to work from home. They may be looking to capture the tax benefits of owning a home office under the new 2018 tax laws, which is looming over the heads of taxpayers as tax season is nearing this Spring. However, there is no shortage of reasons why employees prefer working from their own homes rather than going to the office every day. So, why is it so hard to launch a career that allows you the luxury of working from home?

Happy Tax franchisees are thrilled to have the opportunity to live the entrepreneurial lifestyle while working from home and being their own boss. Happy Tax recognizes that there are many benefits to working from home – and that’s true from both the employer’s and the employees’ perspectives.

Employees Value Telecommuting

Just about everyone hates the morning commute. The crowds, traffic, and general frustration of the entire experience can really set your day off to the wrong start. As a result, lots of employees are trying to figure out ways that they can make commuting is no longer an issue.

Employees value opportunities to work from home because they have more control over their work environment. This can make family and work life more manageable and improve overall well-being. As a result, more and more employers are working telecommuting into benefits packages. However, employees are not the only ones that benefit from telecommuting.

Telecommuting Benefits Employers and Employees Alike

Most of us love the idea of working from home, but doing so actually benefits employers just as much as employees. With telecommuting on the rise, employers now have a much wider hiring base and are not limited just to the area in which the company physically exists. Employers may also cut down on unnecessary expenditures, waste, and above all increase their productivity. The benefits for both parties can be enormous and the lessened stress on the employee’s personal life may also benefit the employer. However, this is just one of the many benefits to employers of embracing the telecommuting revolution.

It shouldn’t be too surprising to note that most employers do in fact strive to keep their employees happy. A happy employee promotes a better working environment, higher productivity, better professional relationships, and less managerial time spent trying to resolve the previously stated issues. As a result, the moral benefits from working at home can mean a real difference for your company’s bottom line.

Employees that work from home have more control over their work environment. This makes them tend to feel more empowered by their job, which generally leads to a sense of pride and high morale. This high morale translates to higher productivity, as employees contracting from home were have been shown to be more productive than their counterparts working in an office.

Because they don’t have to waste part of their day commuting to and from work, employees are able to invest more of their working time into increasing productivity and performing work-related activities. Rather than deal with an hour or more of commuting, they are able to simply step into their home office and get right down to business. And when you add this to the productivity benefits of boosting morale, working from home is looking like a win-win situation.

Working From Home is Cost-Effective for Employers and Employees

Employees that work from home tend to cut down overall on costs. That’s because remote workers do not come with the same human resource needs as in-office employees. This can range from anything to nickel-and-dime expenses like the cost of in-office snacks and coffee and day-to-day office supplies to larger costs like buying furniture and renting office space. The new 2018 tax laws may have given an added boost to the telecommuting craze since overhead costs will no longer be an unlimited deduction for businesses.  When all of your employees work remotely, none of these daily expenses are necessary – and altogether, this can save you big on your bottom line.

In addition to saving on operational costs, employers who set up remote offices see less unexpected absences. The cost of employee absence can be very detrimental to a company if it is recurring. That’s because the costs of absenteeism are not limited to just covering the pay of the missing worker if the company covers sick leave. And, an unexpected absence also often means paying the wage of the missing employee and another employee that has to work extra hours to pick up the slack. This in itself is hard on other workers and employers alike. And, it may result in employees banking overtime to cover the work, which can definitely add up on the corporate accounts.

When unscheduled absences are a regular struggle in the workplace, productivity will start to suffer, work will pile up, other employees will become frustrated. This will all result in a loss of revenue. However, employees contracting from home do not have this problem frequently. As observed in a recent Penn State study, people that telecommute tend to have less family strain and tend to need less “personal” days

Happy Tax Franchisees Work from Home

The lines between work life and family life tend to be less disjointed with employees that telecommute. With less family strain, work productivity tends to increase, deadlines are met, and interpersonal relationships are no longer such an issue. All in all, working from home can be less costly and more productive for both employees and the companies they work for.

At Happy Tax, all of our franchisees are their own bosses. They set their own schedules, contact their own clients, and manage their own accounts. And they can do all this from the comfort of their home. Happy Tax has set up this business model to be productive and efficient, but it can bring huge potential benefits to your career.

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