December 11, 2018

Working From Home is a Win-Win for Business Owners and Employees

Just as any good manager knows, happy employees, make for a productive workforce. While working from home and telecommuting used to be frowned upon due to perceived negative impacts on worker productivity, flexible workplace attendance policies often make for a win-win, benefitting both business owners and employees alike.

Working from a home office allows people to manage their own time to fit their needs. This flexibility often gives workers the chance they need to take the initiative necessary to succeed. And these benefits aren’t just limited to workers who are closely monitored by a remote manager. In fact, Happy Tax has witnessed the potential career benefits of working from home within its own group of franchise partners.

In a regular office setting, employees have social opportunities. Whether it’s gathering around the proverbial water cooler to conversate, taking personal phone calls, unscheduled absences, and lingering in common areas. While some of us find the office setting an easy place to get work done in, these temptations can be challenging for others. As a result, many of us are far more productive when we work from home.

Everyone is different, and not all workers necessarily thrive in an office setting. While some people crave the social opportunities and focused environment of the typical workplace, some of us prefer our own space. And while telecommuting options are often seen as an employee benefit, there have been demonstrated efficiency gains among employers who give their teams more freedom to work from home.

Happy Tax never just follows the status quo. We’ve developed an innovative tax services franchise opportunity that not only allows people the flexibility of working from home – including all of the productivity and scheduling benefits that come with it – but also lets them start an exciting new career professional services without months or years of strenuous training. Happy Tax’s in-house Certified Public Accountants make up our brain trust, making sure that each customer’s return is done right. Franchisees are primarily responsible for building the relationships our clients deserve, which is key in Happy Tax’s concierge-based customer service model.

Happy Tax has been gaining traction in the tax planning and preparation industry for years, and we’ve been the fastest growing tax franchise out there. We like to think that part of the reason why people are attracted to our innovative business model is that we give people space and flexibility they need to succeed. Happy Tax franchise owners get plenty of support on the way, but they are free to build their own pathway to success. To learn more about franchise opportunities at Happy Tax, contact a franchise sales representative today.

Happy Tax

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