November 29, 2018

Worried About the Economy? Low Operating Costs, Less Risk for Franchise Owners

Across the country, there are millions of Americans who want to start their own business but are prevented from doing so by concerns over the risk. Numerous business and franchise owners mull over the same fear in their heads at night - trepidation over the economy taking a dive, and driving their company into the ground right along with it. However, there are avenues that may be taken to alleviate costs and keep your business afloat when we’re facing hard economic times.

Nobody knows if or when it’s going to happen, but before the economy starts to turn, it is always beneficial to start thinking about how operating and capital costs. In general, businesses and franchises are much more likely to survive an economic tragedy if they are able to navigate around the constraints of inflation and rising operating expenditures. Happy Tax recognizes that a lot of success in business involves managing risk, and franchise owners can stay cost competitive and strengthen their businesses with our franchise mode because it has rock-bottom operating costs. By keeping operating costs low and helping franchisees through mentorship and business support services, Happy Tax franchisees can weather just about any economic storm.

Ways to Manage Operating Costs

Happy Tax’s franchise model doesn’t require office space or a costly software subscription, so it’s incredibly low-cost by industry standards. But there’s always more that business owners can do to cut costs.  One option to explore, for example, is too analyze productivity. An increase in any kind of business expense inevitably lowers profit. However, paid employees are often one of the highest costs of a business or franchise. As a consequence, finding ways to maintain similar levels of productivity with fewer employees on the payroll has extreme potential for lowering operating costs. However, this must be considered within reason, losing valuable employees due to an unreasonable workload may end up being more costly for the business, especially when it results in recruiting and training a replacement for those employees.

Happy Tax franchisees can run their businesses from their home or office as they see fit, with or without subcontractors or employees. However, there are numerous benefits to arranging a more moderately-sized workforce and nurturing the positions of the limited individuals in your employ. A smaller employee base makes it possible for the business to share in “the good times” with their employees, such as by offering promotions, job opportunities, or bonuses. These individuals will be much more likely to work harder during times of turmoil, increase productivity, and stay invested in the company long term.  

Businesses With Few-to-No Materials Costs Save Big

Another way to be cost effective examine and identify techniques to reduce material costs. Often franchisees rely on specific inputs – food items, consumer goods, specialty items, etc. These all cost money, and it can be difficult to save on materials without compromising products or services provided by your business. Primarily, cutting back on material costs that result in wasted time and unnecessarily wasted materials help businesses save money.  

Even businesses without a lot of materials costs can save money by getting a bit creative. For example, sending emails instead of using paper handouts saves money. Additionally, implementing fewer meetings and more daily communication can make operations more efficient. Utilizing email and virtual means of communication may enable you to ensure that your business isn’t fronting the cost of billable work hours. This may also aid in assuring the comfort of your employees, as they wouldn’t have to go into the office on an unscheduled day, or worse be taken away from time dedicated to their productivity to discuss matters that could be addressed in an email.  

Decreasing Operational Costs Boosts the Bottom Line

Business and franchise owners do not have much control over inflation or economic turmoil. Like the rest of us, they’re at the mercy of economic ebbs and flows. However, measures can be taken to ensure that your business or franchise is more likely to stay afloat when the economy takes a turn.

The notion of a faltering economy has the potential to be very daunting to business owners, and this is particularly true for businesses already dealing with high operational costs. Their most likely course of action when the economy turns is to raise the prices of their product, whether that product is tangible or a provided service. Companies that maintain low operating expenditures are awarded a certain level of consistency among their clientele, even when dealing with the rise and fall of the economy.

Companies and franchises that look at operational costs and find methods to cut high costs without negatively impacting their customers are much more likely to weather economic storms than companies that over-spend. Operating costs weigh heavily on people considering the risks of starting a business or running a franchise, and keeping costs low helps entrepreneurs immensely.

When a company has shown to maintain relatively low operating costs but high productivity and revenue, it demonstrates to their future clients that the company is more than likely to survive economic travesty. Happy Tax runs a super-efficient and lean management structure that revolves around providing concierge service to our clients, and our franchisees benefit from our innovative approach by saving substantially on operating costs in the long-run.

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